Examples Of Events That Influenced Social Change In American Society

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Thematic Essay # 6: Social Change In U.S History there have been events that influenced social change in American society. Two events that have influenced social change was Brown v Board of Education and President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s decision to send troops to Little Rock Arkansas. These events were successful in bringing about social change to an extent. Africans came to America as slaves top replace the Native Americans who died out due to European diseases, when Christopher Columbus discovered the America’s. As slaves, the Africans were treated worse than animals. Some examples of how they were treated were that they were raped and not considered as humans. They were treated as something to be bought or sold.…show more content…
He had to bus his 8 year old daughter far away from her home in Topeka to go to a black only school. So he sued the board of education of Topeka that they denied him his 14th amendment right. The court ruled that Brown’s 14th amendment right was denied. It was claimed that separate but equal and segregation in public schools was unconstitutional. They had equal protection of the law. This overturned the court decision of Plessy v. Ferguson. Fighting for equal rights is why now we have a black president, desegregated schools and transportation. Rosa Parks and other minority groups fought for equality in America. Though this is true Black people are still fighting for equality today. As a result of the court ruling of Brown’s v. Board of Education the governor of Little Rock Arkansas Orval Faubus declared he could not enforce order in his state if he had to desegregate his schools. Therefore he disobeyed the Supreme Court ruling. He placed national guards at Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas and instructed them to turn away the nine African American students who were supposed to attend school that

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