Examples Of Euthanasia In Of Mice And Men

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James Ellis Gold1 Jackson 10-7-13 Euthanasia: a horrendous crime or a work of mercy? A 2 year old girl only be identified as M was taken off life support in Alberta, Canada and died. This motion was set in movement and carried out by the Canadian Government. Does that make them murderous Criminals? John Steinbeck’s novella of Mice and Men Lennie, a mentally incapable human, is shot by his working partner, George. Steinbeck leads us to believe that it is morally acceptable to commit this crime of Euthanasia and that it was George’s only option. Despite teachings by the Catholic Church, one’s heart goes out to George who is left to make an impossible decision on the fate of his best friend with “the mind of a 5 year old.” It brings to our
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