Examples Of Discrimination In The Kite Runner

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Violence Is Not The Answer Within the novel Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, a feeling of superiority causes discrimination, which leads to violence. When someone feels they’re above someone else or a group of people, they tend to discriminate. When discrimination occurs, it can and will lead to violence. In school one day, Amir learns about the history of the class system in Afghanistan. He wants to learn more, so he reads one of his mother’s old history books. Hassan shows what he found, “I read that my people, the Pashtuns, had persecuted and oppressed the Hazaras […] the Hazaras had tried to rise against the Pashtuns in the nineteenth century, but the Pashtuns had ‘quelled them with unspeakable violence’” (9). The Pashtuns feel that they’re…show more content…
This does not sit well with Baba. He refuses his services, stating, “I swear on your mother’s face I’ll break his arm if he tries to touch me” (155). No one will ever understand why, but some people just do not like certain groups. Because Baba has so much self-pride, he discriminates against Russians. In doing so, he threatens the Russian doctor and refuses his services. This may not be violence, but has the potential to turn into a brawl. When the Taliban takes over in Afghanistan, the discrimination starts almost immediately. Every man is required to grow a beard and women are so far below the men that they are barely granted the right to talk in public. At half time of the soccer game Amir attends, the Taliban make an example of two adulterers. Amir observes this terrible execution, “The Talib, looking absurdly like a baseball pitcher, hurled the stone at the blindfolded man in the hole. It struck the side of his head. […] The man in the hole was now a mangled mess of blood and shredded rags. (271). The Taliban thinks that they are above everyone because they are the form of government in Afghanistan. Even the smallest sins lead to death. The two adulterers are examples of people who

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