Examples Of Discrimination In Of Mice And Men

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Xuan Pham Bakula 4 English 10 December 8, 2011 Discrimination in Of Mice and Men How would you feel if you were treated unfairly because of your skin color? If I was in the Great Depression period and treated unfairly by society, I would feel upset and angry. I would question for myself that society is human and I am a human too, we are the same then how they could treat me so unfairly. During the Great Depression, racial discrimination still existed. Society treated people with different skin color, particularly African Americans, awfully and treating them like slaves because they believed that African Americans were inferior to upper class. John Steinbeck, author of the novella Of Mice and Men described society’s racism against Crooks, the African American stable buck. Crooks was isolated from others and being required to stay in own…show more content…
It also makes him lock his heart that no one could enter and suspicious of people who try to make friends or get closer to him to protect himself from getting hurt by others. It is proven in the novella that he remembered his childhood when he played with the white kids, his father didn’t like that because he could get hurt and it might become a deeply hurt that never cure for Cooks when he grown up. Through three paragraphs, isolation, loneliness and word are three main causes that show discrimination against Crooks from people in the ranch. Racial discrimination still existed during the Great Depression, and it was presenting in the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. He was very successfully to describe how society at that time treated people with different skin color through the character, Crooks. Through Steinbeck’s novel, I can know how African Americans were treated at that time, and even if they are free, society still hated them and definitely treated disrespecting and
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