Examples Of Dignity In Night

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Dignity In The Face Of Inhuman Cruelty In the well-written novel titled Night, there are several examples of dignity in the face of inhuman cruelty. The Jews celebrate their religion in the face of death, stay defiant till the last waking moment, and help their family and friends beyond reason. The first example of dignity despite cruelty in this novel is displayed when the Jews decide to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah requires the Jews to fast. This is obviously much harder to accomplish seeing as the Jews are already starved close to death. Almost every Jew in the camp, including Elie’s father, fasted in worship. Elie and a few others however, ate despite the holiday because they could not stand the hunger. The other Jews did not look down on them because they knew how extreme the hunger was. The Jews’ choice to respect the holiday is a great example of their dignity because it shows that they are not going to change their ways or their customs just because they are unjustly being held prisoner. This stubborn attitude infected the rest of the Jews, boosted their morale, and gave them a stronger will to live. A second example of dignity in the face of cruelty is when Juliek is killed…show more content…
A Jew’s father in the camp could be in the process of dying and they would still give up their own water and soup to try and save him. This is shown specifically in the novel when Eliezer tries to save his father from impending death. His father was beaten and left for dead by the other prisoners and yet Ellie would not give up hope. He gave up his own food because no new food was given to his father. This act of selflessness is the greatest example of dignity in the entire novel. Everyone but Ellie had considered his father dead and yet that did not stop him. He did everything in his small amount of power to save the person he was closest
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