Examples of Different Types of Writing Essay

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| 2013 | | Everest University Online Nicole Lee. Gonzalez | [Composition 1: Individual Work 1- Week 1] | Choose two types of writings from our text books. Provide examples of these writings and discuss. | The first type of writing that I have selected to write about from my textbook is ‘Creative Writing’. I feel that this is the most fun and exciting type of writing. Creative writing allows you to use your imagination freely and run away with it. Creative writing is the type of writing I myself enjoy the most. My example of creative writing is the famous play Romeo and Juliet. This play was written by the famous William Shakespeare in the later months of 1594. I believe his main purpose for writing this play was to be able to share this amazing story with audiences around the world by captivating their imaginations by bringing them into this world and share the feelings of the characters he had created. I have read this play. I have also been apart of a production of this play that my high school had put on. In my own opinion I believe this play to be the most well-known and most iconic play in the world. I don’t believe that William Shakespeare’s expectations were to have this play be has big as it has become. As I previously stated, this play was written in the later months of 1594. He had written this play in the early years of his literary career. I myself can only give my opinion on what I believe to be the main purpose for this play and I believe it to be that he wrote it with intentions to share his work with an audience. I could say that maybe he also hoped to gain some notoriety from his writings since this was written so early in his career, but this is unfounded. I believe the convention that William Shakespeare followed helps identify the purpose that I have previously written about. He wrote this work in play form, using different
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