Examples Of Dehumanization In Generals Die In Bed

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There is nothing good about war, especially for soldiers, civilians and families. People feel the effects long after the war is over, because of the traumatic experiences. The worst acts of dehumanization during wars are the ill-treatment of the soldiers in World War One, the Holocaust in World War Two and the child soldiers of today. World War One was the deadliest conflict in human history with over 35 million military and civilian casualties. The soldiers bared the worst suffering through their experiences living in the trenches. It was the biggest example of the dehumanization of soldiers. In the novel Generals Die in Bed by Charles Yale Harrison, we learn that it is not only the Germans who were their biggest enemies. They endured harsh…show more content…
The most notorious example of dehumanization of civilians has to be the killing of Jews in World War Two. Six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis for the simple reason that they were Jewish. They were shipped to concentration camps in cattle cars where they were subjected to slave labor until they died of exhaustion or disease. There were numerous examples of dehumanization in the concentration camps. In memoirs of survivors, we learned that they were separated from their families, stripped of their possessions, clothing and cut off their hair. Those not capable of laboring such as elderly and children were sent to gas chambers. Those able to work lived in conditions not fit for an animal, and were starved daily. Families were destroyed and future generations were affected. In today’s world the biggest act of dehumanization is the tens of thousands of children that have been taken away from their families to become soldiers. This is led by Joseph Kony , he and his army (Lord’s Resitance Army) are taking children and telling them to kill their parents so they don’t have

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