Examples Of Curiosity In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Kids are curious. Just simply curious. Curious, about the way things work. About the people and things they see. About the world around them. And just like every other kids, Harper Lee shows us in her novel To Kill a Mockingbird that Scout, Dill and Jem are very curious kids. But whether their curiosity is a big help or a big problem, depends on them. One example that the author illustrates Scout, Dill and Jem are curious kids is the time they went to the Radley house in order to get a look at Boo. A reason why this example shows that the three kids are curious is because they could get into big trouble by going there. ‘“I’m going to tell you something and tell you one time: stop tormenting…the Radleys… And, you…are to…stay away from that…show more content…
A reason why this is another example that proves that the kids are curious is because they weren’t supposed to be at the trial and could get into very big trouble for being there. ‘“…you better take Miss Jean Louise home. Mr. Jem…this ain’t fit for you…”’, says Reverend Sykes to Jem. Atticus didn’t want Scout, Dill and Jem to be at the trial because it’s not appropriate for children their age. But, again the three kids snuck into the courtroom because they were so curious. They wanted to know what was it that was so bad, that Atticus doesn’t want us to know about? What could possibly be so inappropriate that they can’t be there at the trial? That’s why they went to the trial, because they were just simply so curious to find out the answers to these questions. Another reason why this second example proves that Scout, Dill and Jem are curious is because they wanted to know the truth about the trial. What really happened? Is Tom Robinson innocent or guilty? Are the Ewells innocent or guilty? Who will win the trial? This is another reason why the three kids went to the trial, because of all these questions floating around in their heads. Eventually, they couldn’t take it anymore and (again) let their curiosity get the best of them. That’s why this example also proves that Scout, Dill and Jem are…show more content…
Just like little kids, Scout and Jem want to know how things in the world work, and why? Once they hear about something, they’ve just got to know more. It’s the endless search for truth, ‘“What’s that...How come...Who...When...Where..."' etc.. That’s one reason why Scout and Jem are very curious. Another reason why this third example shows that they’re very curious is because Scout and Jem love to learn and explore. Scout especially, has always read books and newspapers with Atticus, even as a little girl. Thus, showing that she loves to learn. Although, Jem likes to be more independent; he prefers to explore and try things out on his own. Just like other children, Scout and Jem are natural born explorers and learners. That’s why they ask so many questions. That’s why this last example shows that Scout and Jem are very, very curious

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