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Cleopatra VII Philopator was a pharaoh in Egypt,Alexandria. When Julius Caesar and Cleopatra met Julius had come to Alexandria after the Battle of Pharsalus. From what I read she hated the Romans. She used Julius to get what she wanted.suppoeisly when Julius brought Cleopatra to Rome it lead up to him dead."In 41/40 Antony followed Cleopatra back to Egypt, Alexandria, Where he told in the pleasures of the Ptolemaic court and the company of the Queen.Cleopatra tried to tell Antont how she felt about him but it was to late Antony left Egypt, Alexandria in the spring of 40"." Evencally, in Antioch he again went off for Cleopatra and went through a ritualistic marriage not recognized under roman law" ( Got this from text). "In Italy, Octavian

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