Examples of Classical and Operant Conditioning

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Jordan Sherwood Examples of Classical and Operant Conditioning. A. The first example of classical conditioning is an old school television show I saw where I saw a man’s overhead had a short circuit in it and gave him a shock every time he touched it. Now every time he was about to touch the overhead, he hesitated. (US=shock, UR=fear from shock, CS=overhead, CR=fear from overhead). This reminds me of the time I smashed my fingers in the sliding door of the van my mom had. After that happened, every time I went to shut the door I made sure I put one hand behind my back and let the other one shut it so I wouldn’t smash my fingers again. B. The second example of classical conditioning is a law and order svu show I watched a few days ago. The episode opened up with a woman who has scratches all over her face and had shards of glass in her. She claimed that she was raped and has brutally beaten. Later on in the show the detectives went to her house to look for her to ask her questions but she wouldn’t let them open the door. So while the girl detective was trying to talk to her, she said that she knows that she’s hiding is because the only time she came out is when she got beaten and raped. (US=being raped, UR=fear from being raped, CS=the rapist, CR=fear of the rapist). This probably caused her to be traumatized by the guy she was raped by so now that when she sees that guy or any other guy she will fear that she will probably be raped or beaten. C. 1. (Take away US, while still performing CS to get rid of the UR and the CR). The solution to make the conditioned response become the unconditioned response is for the man in the television show to fix the short circuit in the overhead so that now when he goes to touch it and turn it on for a few times or move it he won’t have the fear of being shocked anymore. C. 2. (Take away the US, while still

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