Examples Of Beowulf's Motives

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The character Beowulf killed a murderous “grim demon” being called Grendel, saving the Danish kingdom Heorot from further devastation. Fifty years later, Beowulf rescued his own kingdom from the torment of a dragon. The Geat warrior is the savior of both of these kingdoms, but one must ask where what Beowulf’s motives lie for his heroic actions. Although Beowulf appears heroic for altruistic motives he is in fact acting out of desire for his own glory by winning battles. The battle against Grendel was seen as a game to Beowulf more than an actual serious matter. Beowulf traveled to Hrothgars kingdom accompanied with fourteen of the best men he could find, yet he made a conscious decision to fight Grendel without the aid of a sword or

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