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Juanika Lavalais Mr. Hainline/ENGL 1302 December 26, 2012 Expressive Writing “A&P” Dear Mr. Lengal, I am writing this letter to explain why I chose to quit A&P. You have been friends with my Mom and Dad for many years, and my parents has always viewed you as a well-respected man, but your unprofessionalism is the reason why I quit A&P. I know you are a good man, and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work in the supermarket. Working in A&P has taught me independence, responsibility, and has given me enough work experience to find another job. The reason why I quit the store is because I feel you did not have to embarrass those three girls in front of everyone in the supermarket. I understand the girls were dressed inappropriately, but how you handled the situation was really unprofessional and could have been done in a civilized manner. After you confronted the girls in that matter made me realize your unprofessionalism. I do not want to work for anyone who does not have any respect for their customers or their employees. You could have pulled those three girls aside and expressed your opinion to them in private. If you embarrass those three girls in that manner you would embarrass me in that manner too. I am sure I will regret my decision and I know the world is going to be hard from this point on, but you have showed me who I do not want to become. I considered you somewhat of a role model. I had plans to work at A&P to become a manager just like you, but after you embarrassed those three girls in that manner made me rethink my plans for my life. I had a good experience working for the supermarket, but I do not want to be so wrapped up with being a manager and forget who I am and what I stand for. I would have never treated those girls like you treated them. My parents believe you are a man of integrity, but little

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