Example Proposal Essay: Bullying

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The Bullying Ends Here! It all started in first grade when everyone teased, and bullied me because of my bug-like eyes. They all thought it was strange that my eyes were the biggest they’ve seen. It stuck with me throughout elementary school, but in middle school it got worse. I thought everyone forgot about my big eyes, and accepted me for who I was, but I was wrong. I stayed in classrooms, and focused on my work because I wanted to stay away from the teasing. Everyone noticed and called me a teachers pet, and picked on me more. There was no escape from the verbal abuse I was receiving. I didn’t feel comfortable going to school, and I wanted to stay home. I stayed strong and endured all the hurtful comments and being called mean names. In high school it toned down a little because I made friends who saw passed the big eyes and understood what I had been through. Although, there were still immature people who liked to hurt other people’s feelings, even if it was for their own entertainment. I had been bullied a lot that I debated the thought of suicide, but I knew that wouldn’t solve anything. I decided that I was going to face this problem of mine. I talked with my bullies about my feelings, and politely asked them to stop, and most of them stopped, but a few did not get the hint. This harmful act of bullying need to end. I know and saw a lot of people getting bullied for many reasons, no matter how old they are. Whether it’s their race, sexual orientation, personality, disability, or physical features. The Dictionary of Prisons and Punishment defines bullying to be: “...the use of physical, psychological and verbal aggression to intimidate others to submit to the will of another and/or cause emotional upset.” (BULLYING). It’s not right to cause such pain towards people, but people still do it. A few people I used to be friends with liked to bully others.

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