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PERSONAL STATEMENT Deep and genuine interest in doing science and my past experiences has encouraged me to be a medical doctor. For sure it is not because of getting lot of money or it is a noble and good profession. If I choose to be rich or famous, it is better for me to be an actor or singer. It cannot be denied that doctor do a noble job for the society, but my interest in knowing human body and its anatomy and physiology. I know that having an ailment or disease can make someone sad and painful. So, I want to make patient and his/ her loved one happy and cheerful. Moreover, I want to make people grateful with what was given by God. Being a cardiologist always is my dream since my dad had cardiac problems. In fact, my country is short of qualified cardiologist and though it sounds heroic, I am proud to fill that vacancy. It is my aspiration to contribute something to the community and I want to achieve that through my profession. Since Malaysia is famous for its variety of delicious foods, so, it is not quite a shock to hear that most of Malaysian has problems with their cardiovascular like heart or blood vessel problem. Having a dad who is a medical assistant give me the opportunity to visit the clinic where my dad works, observe and help him. I also had a chance to assist my dad doing circumcision. During that time, I needed to hold the forceps that grip a medical thread. That was my first time doing the job and I felt great about that. First time doing a surgery to patient has opened my eyes and mind to be a medical doctor in six or seven years starting from now. My frequent visits to a Klang General Hospital have given me the exposure on how to deal with the medical staffs and patient including children. Besides, I also had the opportunity to observe operations involving the procedure of placing plates into and onto fractured bones in orthopedic

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