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Good morning everybody, welcome to Male, the capital city of maldives. my name is Gadis, the tour guide in charge from world voyage travel agency. I will be your tour guide for a week ahead. Now i will take you to your resort. The journey will take about one and a half hour. You must be curious why does our journey to the resort takes quite long time, right? It is because we need to change our transportation twice before we arrived there. The bus will take us to the Male port in one hour. After that we will continue our journey to the resort by speed boat. If you think it’s to tiring, you don’t have worry because i promise you will entertain by the incredible view along the street. Right now i will familiarize you with the area, discuss some brief saftey precautions, and give you the list of what can do and don’t in Maldives. Okay, i will start to talk about some brief safety precaution during the journey. Firstly, i ask you to remain seated until we come to a full stop and don’t put your arms out the window. You can take your snack or baverages, BUT you must collect the garbage on your own and throw it in garbage bin once we arrived to the port. And when we are on the boat later, you must wearing the live jacket we provide and DO NOT dipping your hands to the sea water. Then i will give you the list what can you do and don’t. First, you can dressing skimply in the resort, and hang around in your bikini entire day. Secondly you can drink as much alcohol as you want on resort island and take the cocktail for free on the bar near the lobby. Consumption of alcohol or even just bringing it off the resort is againts the law. You must remember that. And don’t wear religious symbol or icons openly. If you wearing a religious icon around your neck, tuck it beneth your t-shirt so it’s not visible. I promise you will enjoy your stay in here. The archipelago of maldives

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