Example of Summary of Halliburton Bribery Scandal Nigeria

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United Nations Development Programme THE CONCEPT AND CONTEXT OF CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA By Sope Williams Copyright © 2012 United Nations Development Programme INTRODUCTION The meaning of corruption has been explored in Unit 1 of this course. This unit will provide contextalised information on corruption as it occurs in Nigeria. The unit will explore the typology of corruption in Nigeria, the factors that increase the tendency for corrupt practices in Nigeria as well as the anti-corruption landscape in Nigeria with an overview of the legal mechanisms, institutions and practices for addressing corruption in public life. The Unit will also address public administration and financial management in Nigeria with an emphasis on the public service, the public procurement process and public financial management rules and procedures. Finally, the Unit will consider case studies of typical corrupt schemes in Nigeria, with a view to understanding how these are implemented. It goes without saying that Nigeria has a problem with endemic and systemic corruption, which manifests at all levels of public life and in different forms. This unit examines why this is so and why the existing legal and institutional framework against public corruption have failed to significantly stem the occurrence of corruption in Nigeria. Although the unit will not measure corruption in Nigeria, reliance on indices such as the Corruption Perceptions Index and the Bribe Payers Index suggest that Nigeria has not made significant strides in the fight against corruption, at least since the dawn of democracy in 1999. This is despite the fact that successive governments have mainstreamed anti-corruption and there is a myriad of (over lapping) legislation and institutions, which proscribe,

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