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Problem Statement. The current pedestrian path is not sufficient to support the number of pedestrian and not suitable for the weather changes. Whereas, to overcome this problems we have came out with an idea that is to provide a new and improvise the already pedestrian path that we have in old campus and new campus. We think that by providing a new pedestrian path, it will give benefits to students and staff as the users. For the time being, the participants are from diploma students and staffs at University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). What is our main focus in this project is that we want to ensure whether they are agree and demand for this project to be executed or not. We believe that by conducting this survey, we can classify what is their hope and respond toward this project. In the end of the day, we are hoping that we are able to carry out this project to provide better facilities to pedestrian, make an effort to fix all complaints reported in the survey as much as possible, and to have a new pedestrian for both campuses. Thus, due to the problems that we have with pedestrian issues and weather changes we are looking forward to solve it with the best solution and by conducting this survey we can actually see the other sides of opinions regarding the existed pedestrian that we have now and try as best as we can to improve it to new standard. Hypothesis. A better pedestrian path will ensure users’ comfort and safety because it is complete with a better facilities and new well-organized system. Purposes. Our main purposes to carry out this project are to give a better service for users referring to theirs’ comfort. Next, we are trying to identify and indicate the weaknesses of the already existed pedestrian path in UPSI that we missed out. Lastly, we tend to gather all data regarding the awareness of pedestrian to this topic itself. We want

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