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Pro argument 1: The customers feel uneasiness and boring due to lack of variation in offering goods and services in the shopping malls in Labuan. Service sector itself includes communication, transportation, wholesale and retailing, banking, insurance, finance, consultancy, real estate, health, legal affairs, personal services and education (Berköz, 1994). However, for instance, in Labuan, there is no Sony customer service center available. Sony is a large technological company which has many industries in whole of the country and world. It is unusual when a place like Labuan as an International Offshore Finance Centre (IOFC) did not have computer services. Moreover, as it is also know that in the Financial Park Complex, there always occurs out of storage. People need to wait because there is no other place they can go or do other things. This problem will make the customers be less interested in the shopping malls because the offered goods and services are limited. In the Financial Park Complex, there is lacking of variety of goods offered. According to an article named Financial Park Complex, has stated that the shop lots that offered from departmental stores and supermarkets to restaurants and duty free stores, making it a convenient place for shopping. Based on the context above, the shopping mall just provides the needs for the people. It is boring due to lack on offering different kinds of goods and services. However, this will build up the monopoly among the retailer because there are no others who sell products similar with them in the shopping malls. According to an international journal of academic research named Trends in Retailing through Globalization: The Case of Trabzon (Türk, Y. A., Bayram, Y., Bayram, Z. Y., Sağsöz, A., May, 2011), stated that the tendency towards markets, supermarkets and shopping malls are increased nowadays. He stated that an

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