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English 11 AP: Language and Composition Understanding and evaluating a persuasive article Instructions: • Read the article found at this URL: [Be sure to read the part of the article after the gap where a link to the video clip is missing.] http://www.patheos.com/blogs/christandpopculture/2012/06/not-fit-for-dinner-consuming-news-carefully-and-critically/ o Create a citation for it on Noodletools • Watch the full version of the section in Chomsky’s speech (the segment starts around 13:25 and ends around 25:27 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46bH_jV34ig )in which he discusses austerity in Europe; then watch the edited version [http://www.theblaze.com/stories/dark-noam-chomsky-europeans-are-like-lemmings-their-society-is-committing-suicide-through-austerity/…show more content…
o Purpose—What is his position on that topic?  What reasons does he give for his position?  What evidence does he give for his position?  What is the purpose of the video clips in relation to Knight’s article?  Does Knight appear to support Chomsky’s views? Give your reasons.  Does it matter to Knight’s purpose whether he supports, rejects, or is neutral toward Chomsky’s views? Give your reasons.  Should your response to Chomsky’s views affect your response to Knight’s article? o Rhetorical context—what’s happening in the US right now that gave rise to Knight’s article? o Your evaluation of the Blaze article and video clip  Do the article and video clip accurately show Chomsky’s position on the push for austerity in several European countries or does it misrepresent Chomsky’s position?  Do you think the examples Chomsky gave were omitted in order to make it appear that he had no evidence or to simply give readers/listeners the gist of the speech without having to listen for 12 minutes or for some other reason or a combination of reasons? Give reasons for your

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