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OCPC Autobiography By OCPC Program Oklahoma OCPC Class 16 October 2012 I am Perspective Officer Candidate Raul Q. Campbell. I was born to Monica L. Campbell in Cook County Chicago, Illinois on 11 January 1978 about 10:20PM. I am the youngest of two male children myself being the youngest. My father left me, my brother, mother when I reached the age of three years old. Until 2007 I never knew my fathers name. As a child i was ridiculed by my different ways of thinking and outlook on life. I was normally considered the odd ball of any group i was in. For my size or mentality many would see me as a difficult individual. I proved to my high school class i was smart by being in the top 10 of my class. To come from Chicago at the time I was growing up there being an African American male it was luck or Gods will/blessing for me to make it past the age of 23. Due to the gangs and violence many were turned to the way side or went to prison. My mother being and Evangelist…show more content…
After talking about the ins and outs OCPC, OCS over with my wife and children my family and I decided to support me becoming an officer in the Army National Guard. I am married to Selina and four kids oldest to youngest, Kwanie, Nakkia, Isis and my new born son of 5months Rhonin. All of these situations combined is my motivation and the reasons why I choose OCPC and why I think I would be a good military officer. talking it over with my wife. I was hesitant in doing so due to the number of years extra i would have to serve the military. I had to consider being deployed again and the family strain and mental and physical medical problems received from this deployment. I needed stability in my life so i choose the military and it has made me better in almost every area of my life. Determination, Willingness,

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