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Job interview -Good afternoon. My name is ………. and I’m director of …….. Secondary School nr.12. -Good afternoon. My name is ……….. and I would like to be English teacher in your school. 1. Well, now I’ll ask you some questions. First of all tell me about yourself. -Umm...Most of my friends and relatives say that I’m friendly and communicable person. Since I was young I tried to help everyone, and all my closest people know that they can come to me and ask for advice. Even now most of my friends often come to me when they need consultation, and I’m always happy to help them. 2. That’s very important advantage if you want to work here. And what is your level of education? -I have highest education. I have graduated …… University with master’s degree in English philology and my speciality is English teacher for primary school. 3. Tell me, please, why did you decide to become a teacher? -I decide to become a teacher because my mother and grandmother were language teachers, mother was Latvian language teacher, but grandmother was German teacher. So, I always saw them doing their job, sometimes I helped them to correct their student works and since that I had interest in teaching. What is more, my strongest side always were languages, and I think I got it from my mother and grandmother. 4. What do you like most/dislike most about teaching? -Umm...the most I like that in teaching process I’m leader who shows students right way in getting knowledge. They are listening to me and doing everything I say to do. But there is one problem, not all students are like that, and I must find way how get there interest in my subject, and for me that is hardest thing. 5. OK. What experience do you have in this field? -I have worked as an English teacher in … Primary School Nr.3 for 6 years, I was a form master for last 3 years that I worked there, and I have

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