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No one really understands how an innocent dream can become a horrible nightmare. People rarely see when good intentions suddenly turn evil. A man with once great intentions can so quickly be skewed into bad decisions and destruction. When is the law so far away that the lines of right and wrong get blurred? How far before you’re far enough away from the world that justice can’t find you? In the instance of Jim Jones, it’s easy to assume that Guyana, South America was far enough. James (Jim) Jones was born in the small town of Crete, Indiana in May of 1931. He grew up under odd circumstances for the time being supported by his mother Lynetta since his father James had been injured in the First World War. By the time Jones was a teenager he…show more content…
Ryan was forced to respond to them and launched an investigation. Jim Jones wanting to end the interference by the government, granted the congressman permission to visit Jonestown and on November 17, 1978 he did. Because living conditions for the members of People’s Temple were deteriorating, Congressman Ryan was approached during the investigation by a few members of the now recognized cult, requesting to take them back to the United States, a request he agreed to. At an isolated airstrip on the 18th, gunmen from Jonestown ambushed Congressman Ryan's party. Leo J. Ryan and four others were killed immediately, some of the Ryan party escaped into the jungle. Eluding justice is never a good idea. And after the fiasco at the airstrip James Jones anticipated the end of his ministry and ordered the “state of emergency” he had long preached about. The mass suicide that had been rehearsed many times in Jonestown as part of worship was now becoming a reality. “How very much I've tried my best to give you a good life. But in spite of all of my trying a handful of our people, with their lies, have made our lives impossible. There's no way to detach ourselves from what's happened today.” Jones started, after sending men to gun down the congressman and others at the

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