Example of a Third Person Personal Expository About Oneself

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Thrown into the world of high school and the jaws of band, he wearily fights through the chaos of homework and the pressure of academics. It has been years since he has experienced a true summer vacation. This is the story and dreams of Richard Noh. His family was born in Korea for most of their lives, before moving to America, however he was the exception. He was born in California, and moved to various places around the US before settling down in Saginaw, TX. Years go by like a subtle breeze in the fall, and before he realizes it, he was moving away for the rather prestigious Keller Central High School. But in those quick years, he fondly remembers a few memories that stand out among the rest. Other than his hilariously failed attempt in getting a girlfriend, the most notable memory that he can recall, was the introduction to the band cult. It was a bright afternoon with his father, as they were driving up to the middle school that he was going to spend the next 3 miserable, yet enjoyable years of his life. The two nervously walked into the den of wolves, also referred to as the band hall, they were greeted by the head alphas, or the band directors. As Richard proceeded through the band hall, he entered a room, where he would meet his greatest friend. The moment he held the beautiful complex bassoon in his hands, glistening from the ceiling lights, he knew that he would fall in love playing the instrument. Over the past summer of patiently waiting on getting a new bassoon, and the first week of school, Richard was practicing his other musical instruments and has been studying for his classes for the school year that was ahead of him. Usually, when he’s not trying to be productive, he likes to watch Netflix, or sometimes just surf the internet for cat videos. He is also very fond of science and technology, which led him to join the Robotics Club. As the school

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