Example Of A Presidential Outline: George Washington

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Presidential Outline: George Washington I. George Washington (February 22, 1932 – December 14, 1799) II. Virginia/ Virginia III. Educational and Occupational Background A. Education: Little is known about George Washington’s formal education, as both of his brothers attended the Appleby school in England sent their by their father. Washington was deprived of this opportunity however due to his father’s death at the age of 11; therefore he had to help run the plantation with his mother. There is evidence however that Washington crossed the Rappahannock River to Fredericksburg where he studied at a school affiliated with St. George’s Parish and it was run by Reverend Marye. B. Occupations: 1. Plantation Worker (Family owned the Plantation) (1743 – 1748) 2. Surveyor (1748 – 1752) 3. Commander of Virginia Militia (1752 – 1759) 4. Served in Virginia House of Burgesses (1759 – 1774) 5. Commander in Chief of Continental Army (1774 – 1783) 6. Farmer (1783 – 1789) IV. Presidential Term: 1789 – 1797 V. Issues of the election – The main issue concerning Washington’s election was the fact that he did not want to be President. He wished to return home to his quiet life with his family in Mt. Vernon and let others govern…show more content…
Financial Plan – Following Washington’s election to the presidency, he appointed Alexander Hamilton to be the Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton was now responsible for bringing the United States out of the debt they were in due to the Revolutionary War. He established a National Bank for the United States as the bill to do so pass through Congress and was signed by George Washington. Hamilton also put in place a revenue tax and taxes on whisky which would be controversial to the American people and cause conflict. Hamilton also wanted the country as a whole to assume state debts to make it a nationwide effort to improve the

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