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November 1, 2012 Dear Katniss Everdeen, St. Catherine’s Academy is hosting its annual Prom for the year 2013. This upcoming prom will be held at the Fort George Radison Hotel at 7:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on May 26th 2013. Attire has never been a problem because the seniors use amazing dresses matching their prom’s date with the right texture of the tuxedo. Please be aware of the final payment towards the prom fee, your prom fee is 135.8. Two payments are available for the people that cannot pay in one full payment. Just contact the school’s office and a plan will be worked out. The prom provides a food option for the event so if you could as so kind to verify your food option, we would surely finalize it make your night more desirable. Remember to also present your prom date, Perter Jacob, to be verified and approved. Throughout the years, the prom has been a very successful and overwhelming experience for the seniors so it is safe to say that you will enjoy the event. I am grateful for your participation in being in the prom for the year 2013 and let bring a night of spectacular fun. I appreciate the time you took out to read this letter. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, SCA Prom 2012 Students Class Final Payment Last Name Student ID First Name Date's Name Class 1 $156.80 Mellark 1030 Peeta Katnish Rees $156.80 Novelo 1040 Cady Jeffry Andres $135.80 Everdeen 1050 Katniss Perter Jacob $125.00 Chiu 1060 Jesus Neddy Perfete $112.00 Brown 1070 Maya Otter Lat $112.00 Coyi 1080 Gina Owen Guerrera $110.00 Juan 1090 Xiomara Augst Rush $97.00 Staines 1110 Oscar Samarie Samos $97.00 Tillet 1100 Scya Rod Neil Summary for 'Class' = Class 1 (9 detail records) Sum $1,102.40 Class 2 $175.00 Hiskin 1120 Sydney Comtpon Diskin $161.00 Everdeen 1130

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