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How you practice is how you play Starting off the year strong, the junior high Lady Lions have continued to show outstanding improvement . Whether it is learning new plays in practice or hitting unbelievable three pointers, the girls have shown their love for the game just by the smiles on their faces. “My favorite thing about being on this team is the teamwork, we are all very supportive of each other.” 7th grader Christianna Reid-Gordon said. Because of the strong encouragement the girls get from each other and from their coach Kristen Cox, they have been able to succeed in a number of things that they never would have thought they could have at the beginning of the season. “One of my most memorable moments from this season so far was when I shot a buzzer-beating three pointer from half court against Legacy Prep. I never would have been able to do it without all the hard work and support from my teammates.” 8th grader Janiah Lockett said. Though it is obvious the Lady lions have improved as a whole, they have each improved individually as well. “The team has improved on working together, and I personally have improved on shooting and stamina.” 7th grader Keri St. Clair said. When watching the girls play it is easy to see their determination but more importantly, the fun that they have. “Coach always pushes us to do our very best and challenges us to not only become better athletes, but to become the young Godly women that the Lord has called us to be.” 8th grader Janiah Lockett said. Because of the strong impact Coach Cox has had on the team, the hard work done in practice is reflected into how they play their games. The junior high Lady Lions basketball team started off strongly just as they are expected to

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