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Places: Puerto Montt and Palena Pre writing: Cities, Chile, Spanish, big, pollution, traffic jams, many people, sympathetic, reserved, rainy, tall blocks, buildings, coast, south, America, little places, rural areas, green areas, snowy winter, no universities. Outline I. Introduction: Talk about two cities in the same country, same region, but different in many aspects. II. Puerto Montt a. Big city with tall buildings and blocks b. Lots of pollution c. Traffic jams d. Rainy e. Big shops III. Palena f. Little city, no buildings, only houses g. No Pollution, clean air h. Not many cars and traffic is quiet i. It is rainy too, but in winter it is snowy j. No big shops IV. Puerto Montt and Palena: k. Both are cities with people living there l. Both cities have people who are very reserved, but some are kind. m. Both cities climates are rainy. n. Chilean in the south of our country. V. Conclusion: There are many differences and similarities between both cities. It does not mean that one is better than the other; it is just that both cities deserve to be visited. Different Landscapes: tall trees versus tall buildings There are some places where you may go back in time, where air is so clean that it seems it is you the first person in breathing it. However, nature and a lack of stressful routines may be accompanied with lack of medical services and even abundance of different goods. Palena and Puerto Montt are cities which are located in the same hemisphere, same continent, same country, and even region, but they are far different from each other making it difficult to choose which the best place to live in is. On one hand, Puerto Montt is a big city which is currently the capital of the region and it is the main economic center in the area. Full

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