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I am a hardworking, committed and dedicated person. During my years at Brampton Manor Academy, I have developed as a person. I am now much more mature and aware of my strengths and weaknesses which i now have to work on and turn them into strengths. My listening and communication skills are excellent due to speaking and listening exams in GCSE English in which i have earned an A*. I have become far more competent at problem solving and, I also have outstanding team working skills, which will help me to achieve the outstanding results in my GCSE’S.I have been a member of the Prefect Team which has helped me to improve many of my skills such as teamwork and a hard-working attitude and has also given me a taste of authority. I constantly thrive to develop my skills and become a more successful learner. In order to achieve this I take part in many extracurricular activities including sports such football and badminton. This has particularly helped me to maintain and improve my fitness but also gain team-work skills. My favourite subjects are the sciences and I am particularly talented at biology and chemistry. I am also particularly talented at the economics; therefore I took GCSE Economics as one of my GCSE options at the end of year nine. As my other option choices, I chose German, geography and Art. For my work experience I went to a retail store called CEX (Creative entertainment exchange, during my time there, I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. From work experience I learnt the work behind being a manger which I had previously wanted to pursue as my career. However from doing the work experience, I have now realised I would be more suited to a career in medicine, as I have only wanted to do one thing in my life. That is to improve people’s lives or even save them and to at least put a smile on patient’s faces. Furthermore, I am very interested in the

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