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My literary piece is a dystopian novel opening entitled ‘The Occurrence’. My main intention for my dystopian was to create an effective opening which would engage the reader’s intention from start to finish – as because it was an opening it had to encourage the reader to want to read the entire book if it existed. To create this effect, the novel opening consists of plenty of metaphors and a lot of simple/minor sentences. In contrast to this, my non-literary piece is an opinion article about the leading causes of self-harm inflicted by teenagers: this is titled ‘Survival of the Fittest or Survival of the Greatest’. My aim for this was to cause shock, which is similar to the horror created in my dystopian – as this was an opinion article, to gain the shock I wanted I used statistics, rhetorical questions, strong dynamic verbs and negative modal verbs. I chose to write about this subject as it has the theme of survival depending on who you are and what you believe which is similar to my dystopian. The main reason I chose to use the noun phrase ‘The Occurrence’ as my title to my literary piece is because it is short and snappy; although it is the main event and causes the horror that is exhibited in my piece, the title doesn’t give anything away. This contributes to my aim of engaging attention and wanting the reader to read on and not lose interest. The title of my non-literary piece ‘Survival of the Fittest or Survival of the Greatest’ is two comparative statements connected by the contrastive conjunction ‘or’. The title is in this format because, in comparison to my literary piece, it doesn’t give anything away yet causes the reader to think. My audience for both readers are elder teenagers and above, this is the reason why both pieces have to engage attention but not become too informal or chatty that it would not appeal to an older person. Although my
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