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外语系英语专业学年论文格式范本 Promoting Dynamic Interplay Between Study and Research in ELF Practice By ×××× Tutor: XXXX A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Foreign Languages Ankang University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the B. A. Degree Ankang, China December, 2009 (全部用A4纸、单面打印,上、下、右边距均为2.8厘米,左边距为3.0厘米) 本科毕业设计(论文)正文(宋体三号,加粗居中) 目 录 摘要 i Abstract ii Acknowledgements iii 1. Introduction XX 2. Three sources of knowledge XX 2.1 Experience XX 2.2 Reasoning XX 2.3 Research XX 3. Four types of study XX 3.1 Receptive study XX 3.2 Productive study XX 3.3 Critical study XX 3.4 Creative study XX 4. Promoting dynamic interplay between study and research XX 4.1 Some possible ways of ELT practice concerning study and research XX 4.2 Two approaches to mutual stimulation between study and research in ELT XX 5. Conclusion XX Works Cited XX 在英语教学中力求学习与研究的相互促进 XXX 摘要: 本文首先结合中国英语教学实际探讨了研究在教学中的重大作用,指出它是人类知识三大来源中最重要的一项;然后阐述了学习的四个层次,即接受性学习、运用性学习、评析性学习和创造性学习,还提出英语学习的全过程应当是一个在学习层次上包容性不断提高的实践,即能够融汇越来越多高层次学习的过程;最后讨论了学习与研究间的关系,并提出了在英语教学中实现学习研究相互促进的两种途径,即以研究为基点的学习和以学习为前导的研究。 关键词:学习;研究;英语教学 Promoting Dynamic Interplay between Study and Research in ELT Practice Xx Xxxxx Abstract: This paper first explores the significance of research in comparison to the other two sources of human knowledge (i.e. experience and reasoning) in the context of ELT practice in China. It then elaborates the four kinds of study: receptive study, productive study, critical study and creative study, and proposes a practice of ever-advancing integration of various types of study with different levels of depth of information processing. It finally discusses possible relationships between study and research and suggests research-based study and

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