Examining the Use of Social Media and Its Impact on Corporate Commerce Essay

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There are many advantages and disadvantages of social media. One big advantage is that you are able to target larger audiences. This can be a great way to get a product in front of large groups of people, this is also a good way to promote new and exciting ideas. For a business they can use social media for market research. They can get a better feel as to what their customers are looking for. They can use feedback on their products to make needed improvements to satisfy their customer base. Social media is a good way for everyone to network and make new personal and business contacts. Social media could be used to drive traffic to a website that can promote your business and its products. One disadvantage is that if a company makes a mistake the rumor can spread on social media like wild fire. And once it gets started it can be hard to control. There is also the possibility of excessive use of social media. Because of this, it could lead up to a loss of employee productivity. Your employees could spend too much time updating their profiles instead of completing their tasks at hand. There is also the threat of hackers. Hackers can hack your profile and put of false information, as well as explicit pictures and links. There is also a chance that customers or employees can use social media to post negative comments about a person, group, or business. These type of actions usually will require some type of damage control. When you are aware of the disadvantages and advantages of social media, you will be better equipped to maximize your social media experience. A person should realize that social media can be a very powerful tool and should always look at all possible outcomes. So a person could concentrate on using social media to build up their business or sell a product. Because social media is a great way to reach large communities of people, they can b easily

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