Examining Social Change Essay

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Examining Social Change Ever since man arose on earth he has formed social structures and societies. Being social creatures and having the capacity to form language and think critically and curiously, humans have for thousands of years continued to make technological advances for survival, convenience, expediency, war and profit. This long history of unending progressions has been the essential element behind some of the most dramatic social change. These very changes have enabled many people to escape the uncertainty and day to day struggles for existence which generations ago could not of been possible. Freed from these burdens, some people began to witness and focus on what they perceived as injustices and inequalities suffered by others. As a result, so began efforts to champion social change through organized movements. Probably the most drastic social change with continued lasting affects has been the result of shifting to the economic system of Capitalism in the West after centuries of Feudalism. Capitalism, which introduced the idea of privately owned land and means of production, spawned a brisk wave of industrialization that fostered the accumulation of wealth and innovation. As society shifted from agrarian to industrial societies, the need for new classes of specialized workers and professionals became necessary. Villages, towns and eventually large urban cities with sprawling suburbs were developed to provide communities for the new classes. All of these new classes, with their ever increasing and expanding varieties of knowledge and skills made it necessary for people to interact with others outside their primary group. Exposure to more diverse groups allowed people to not only trade more goods and services with one another, it allowed people to draw upon the expertise and innovations of each other. This open exchange of ideas expedited the

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