Examining Government Agencies Essay

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Examining Government Regulations Kathleen Jonesq HSM/210 October 19, 2014 Alexa Garcia Examining Government Regulations Two human service agencies in the county of Albany in New York State are Woman, Infants, and Children, also known as WIC and Food Stamps. The WIC program provides checks fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and some other nutritional foods for woman and children in need. WIC is available to those in need based on the percentage of income ratio to the federal poverty level guidelines in comparison to the program. All infants and children deserve a nutritional and good start in the world and that begins with their health. WIC is very successful reaching out to hundreds of thousands of women and children, providing education about nutrition and health facts to mothers and their children successfully. The program advertises well in many media forms, therefore, it is well-known throughout the country. The New York State Food Stamp program provides money for food for individuals and families in need. There are requirements that must be met, an application is filled out and the money is disbursed according to family size and stipulations of income. Researching the WIC program and Food Stamps in New York State, many of the laws and regulations are similar. Both programs offer resources to obtain food, following guidelines and qualifications to be approved to attain. Both programs are put into place to help recipients maintain healthy diets by making relatively expensive items like fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to those with low incomes. WIC however is only offered to woman and children. The WIC program was also put into place in order to decrease premature births by supplementing the diets of pregnant women. Women on the WIC program are required to learn about pre-natal nutrition and breast feeding. Women who
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