Examining Ethnic Differences in Achievement Essay

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Examining ethnic differences in achievement * An ethnic group is a group of people that share the same race or ethnicity. * Different ethnic classes achieve differently in school, so the education system may encourage separation between classes to separate pupils that do better. They may also separate them as different ethnicities are better behaved than others in school, e.g. black pupils are often seen as disruptive. * Different ethnic groups achieve differently in the educational system, this is believed to be determined by internal and external factors, with these differences, there is often racism involved in schools which relate to educational achievement. Racisms inside the educational system is an internal factor, this is not just exclusive to pupils, even teachers are included in racism, when pupils are still in the first stages of school this is not always seen as offensive. Labels are given to different students due to their ethnicity; teachers can label pupils as intelligent/unintelligent or a troublemaker/cooperative. These labels often affect a pupil’s achievement, students that are labelled as intelligent often do better than those labelled as unintelligent, and these labels could often be based on ethnicity and not actual ability, this then results on pupils doing worse than what they could just due to race. This is not always the case though, some students will go against the label and try to prove them wrong and do better in school; an example of this was found in a study from Mary Fuller. She studied a group of black girls in year 11 at a London comprehensive, these girls were high achievers in school unlike typically when black girls are less likely to achieve higher grades. These black girls did not go along with stereotypes and decided to go against them and try to achieve higher, they didn’t seek gratification from
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