Examining Communication Theory Essay

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Examining Communication Theory As people, we have learned to communicate from very early on in our life. We all communicate differently; depending on our culture, gender, status and the environment in which we are communicating. In this paper I will examine how gender and cultural differences; specifically men versus women and in culture, Jamaican versus American can affect communication amongst our coworkers or managers and patients. In our everyday lives, we have to communicate on a daily basis to the people we come in contact with. Sometimes we communicate with individuals like our coworkers, managers or patients. At other times we have to communicate to a team or a group of people. These group or team communications are usually done in a team meeting or companies function. What I tend to find with communication, is that each setting is different from one to another. For me, I am more comfortable communicating one on one, or in small teams. Some of my coworkers are the complete opposite. They would be more comfortable speaking to large groups and be very confident with themselves. Having the privilege to live in two countries, and having travelled around the world, I have seen a big difference in how people communicate. I am from Jamaica, and as a Jamaican growing up we were never taught how to express ourselves, to say certain things as a child, especially to an adult could result in harsh punishment. On the flip side Jamaicans on a hold speak very aggressively. Most tend to dominate any conversation that they are involved in. Conversation between Jamaicans can sometimes be conceived as irate by an onlooker even if that is not the case. Children are taught to be seen and not heard, but when they are spoken to they must respond with the utmost respect using “yes ma’am” and “no sir,” as a basic part of the conversation. In addition to communication and
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