Examining Changes Essay

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Examining Changes It was not exactly the beginning in the mid-1990s; however, the changes over these eighteen years have been tremendous. In fact, the birthing on the internet was in the late 60s; however, since the mid-1990s, the types of connections have changed, the numbers of websites and servers have increased drastically, and the use of the internet has made life much easier. The changes for the internet have been speeding up and improving tremendously during my lifetime. At the beginning, the phone line was the main source of internet connection. Each time someone wished to use their internet connection, they had to let phone calls go and use the phone line connection into their computer. The computer would then “dial up” into the internet with the iconic tone. As time continued to help the computer grow, a new type of connection immerged, called “Broadband.” This would allow a separate connection without using the phone line and slightly increasing the speed. There was but more to come. Next came DSL, the connection allowing the use of the same phone line that a phone uses by utilizing higher frequencies than the basic phone frequency. These then improved until the great change into the wireless era. WiFi allows an internet link via wireless connection and completely altered the direction of the internet by eventually allowing the use of it anywhere and at all time. Although the first email was used in 1972, the first site, info.cern.ch, was born in 1989 on the first ever internet server. Slowly but surely, the internet became more and more popular across the nation and the world. In 1996, about forty five million people were able to use the internet. This, of course, led to new usage and types of websites for the people to take advantage of. At this time, the number of sites was about one hundred thousand. By the turn of the century, the number had
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