Examine Why an Organisation Needs to Keep Pace with It Developments Essay

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The impact it will have on the employees is that they can develop their knowledge and quality of there work. They will be able to get more work done because the computer will be running at a higher speed. The employees might have a more positive impact of the company because they can see money being spent on them. Procedures started with technology, which was simply, and plain, which involves more human quality just to make a spread sheet. However, the impact is that throughout years technology has changed for the better and it now allows employees to allocate the work, which needs to be done on a visual computer system e.g. laptop, computer or even a mobile phone. Cost Cost will have a big impact on the company for the reason that without any money they won’t be able to develop the business and purchase new a higher quality employees or even machinery. This will mean that the company will need to budget and think ahead of time just in case there are any incidents, which could impact the company. This will lead to the company having to have spare money in the budget, which they have thought about accidents for the future. Dealing with redundancies The financial side of a company has a great impact when it comes to redundancy because the company will have to recognize if the costs of the office space for the employees are increasing. If there was to make any employees redundant they will have to take into consideration that they will have to give the employee a lump sum of money which will be determined on how long the employee has been with the company and the current salary they was receiving from the company. However, they will have the right to ask the volunteered employees to take redundancy. Enabling home and remote working By technology advancing it has made it so employees don’t have to meet to discuss about the organisation. Employee will be able

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