Examine the Strengths of the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God (21) Essay

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Examine the strengths of the cosmological argument for the existence of God (21) The cosmological argument is an argument in which its main point is that there must have been a first cause for the world to exist, God. The classic version of the cosmological argument originates from Thomas Aquinas’ summa theologica in which he proposed five ways to argue for the existence of God, the first three of these help form the cosmological argument. Aquinas’ first way is an argument taken from Aristotle that argues that everything that is moving or changing is moved or changed by something outside of itself. The instigator of the motion or change in a thing is also changing or in motion, this process cannot be of infinite length. Therefore, there must have existed a first mover independent of anything else, this being God – the prime mover. The Kalam cosmological argument is an Islamic argument that tries to prove there is a cause for the existence of the world. It believes that everything that begins to exist has a cause of its existence. The universe began to exist therefore; the universe has a cause for its existence. The Muslims who initiated the kalam cosmological argument believe that it is obvious that God is the cause for the universe and so they do not look for evidence instead they believe God simply is the answer. Furthermore, why shouldn’t the cause be Gods hands? William Craig would agree with this viewpoint as he says “It is so intuitively obvious that I think scarcely anyone could sincerely believe it to be false” suggesting that any cause other than God is false. The cosmological argument is a posterior argument this means that the argument is based on experience and is based upon the observation that every event has a cause. Everyone who exists sees the existence of the world and simultaneously sees the existence of a cause. The cause of the world is

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