Examine The Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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Examine the strengths and weaknesses of the argument for the existence of God based on religious Experience? The argument for the existence of God using the idea of religious experience is an a posteriori argument in the sense that it is based on people’s personal encounters and experiences with God. As opposed to other ontological arguments, this argument is based on a direct link to God - because if we can show that God is experienced then we surely cannot deny his existence. In this essay, I am planning on examining the different strengths and weakness of Within the classic account of experiences (The Varieties of Religious Experience, XVI), William James identified four common characteristic to prove the existence of religious experiences and feeling from transcendent beings in the material world. Such experiences are indefinable; this is due to the fact that, they are so uncommon that it is almost impossible to define the feeling in ordinary terms as. William James in his book expressed the religious experience as ‘offering insight into universal or eternal truths; they are transient, offering a brief intensity and a lingering sense of profundity; and they are passive, that is, the subject experiences a higher power working through them’. In our society, there have been numerous events that provides many examples of saints and mystics who have attempted to describe such events, whether they take the form of observable natural phenomena, dreams, prophecies, spiritual conversion or vaguer sensations of unity, joy or love. In a less dramatic way, we may ourselves have suffered experiences that seem unusually significant or otherwise inexplicable. The philosophical question is how far such experiences provide evidence for the existence of a supernatural power. A strength of religious experience is Another important element of ‘religious experience’ is

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