Examine How Noble Macbeth, A Peerless Kinsman, Transforms Into DuncanS Murderer

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Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ was written during a time of great superstition, demonology, and the ideology of the divine king. A king was more than a figurehead of power, but a man who is appointed by God as a deputy on Earth with absolute power. Kingship was part of the natural order, and one could not upset this order in the eyes of God. Demonology and superstition were part of Elizabethan life and affected the way many lived. The fact that a man of such power as King James I was known to believe in demonology, influenced his subjects to subscribe to his beliefs. ‘Macbeth’ was written in 1605-6; the play contained all the factors that Elizabethans wanted in a drama, from demonology to the murder of a king, and it was a play that fitted in well with their everyday beliefs and contemporary issues. In act II, Macbeth is spoken of by others as a noble, courageous and almost like a living Scottish legend. He is highly praised by fellow soldiers, he is described as a ‘valiant cousin’, and ‘worthy gentlemen’ by Duncan. Receiving praise from a king is of such honour and prestige that few are worthy, and yet Macbeth is one of the select few who have the honour. It is learnt that Macbeth single-handedly defeated the invading enemy; Macbeth ‘confronted him with self-comparisons, point against point...the victory fell on us!’ as described by Ross, a fellow soldier. This shows that Macbeth is a man of great courage, passion and that he has the audacity to face the enemy without fear, armed only with a sword and his love for his king and country. So it is that before Macbeth appears on stage, the audience anticipates a man of exceptional stature, a soldier of heroic proportion. His words, ‘so foul a fair a day I have not seen’ announce his presence and entrance with powerful simplicity. Macbeth’s first scene involves the three witches and the foretelling of the three

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