Examination Of Representation In Six Feet Under

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There has been a recent trend within the media industry to represent realist television show. Even fictitious events such as an alien invasion, Hollywood has to be grounded itself, in what the audience will perceive as real. In action movies, guns no longer had limitless ammo and hero's aren't invincible. Despite being based in space or jungles, these are still fictitious events with easy to represent realist boundaries. However, when it comes to depicting realistic scenarios in which individuals encounter on a daily basis, is it possible to accurately depict a realistic representation of it due to the number of emotion and scenarios? First, representation is seen as the creation of text describing different aspects of 'reality' in any medium (University, Aberystwyth, 2010) . Thus representation can be any reference to place, people or culture in any text, film or picture. In this case, Six Feet Under, television series by HBO attempts to depict or represent realistic individuals and their actions and emotions as they deal with death. Thus, the actors' scripted actions and emotions are then, a representation of what the producers of television series perceive to be a realist. However, this brings into a question of realism. Realism is described as the accurate representation of reality without idealisation (Merriam Webster, 2011). In other words, has the producers of Six Feet Under, given an accurate representation of what individuals in similar circumstances experience or has their vision for the story, been idealised or exaggerated in order to increase entertainment value. In order to determine whether the television series is considered a realistic representation, a comparison must be made between the representation in the television series and current social trends. The first representation which Six feet Under makes is the general departure of society from

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