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Chapter 1, “Organizational Behavior and Opportunity” * Define: Organizational Behavior * What is……… Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, Anthropology, Management, and Medicine? * Reactions to Change: Rigid and Reactive vs. Open and Responsive * Know the Sectors of the U.S. Economy * Know and Understand Challenges to Managing Organizational Behavior (refer to the ppt slide) Chapter 2, “Challenges for Managers” * Four Challenges faced by Managers: Globalization, Diversity, Ethics, and Technology * Define: Expatriate manager * Define: International executives * Developing Cross-Cultural Sensitivity (refer to ppt slide) * Know and Understand different forms of Diversity * Understand the challenge and risk of Ethnic Diversity * Define: glass ceiling * Know and Understand: Gender Diversity, Ability Diversity, Age Diversity * Know and Understand: The Benefits and Problems of Diversity (refer to Table 2.2 and ppt slide) * Define: sexual harassment, gender harassment, unwanted sexual attention, and sexual coercion * Define: Whistleblower, Social Responsibility, Telecommuting Chapter 3, “Personality, Perception, and Attribution” * Define: Personality * Know and Understand: The Big Five Personality Traits * Define: Locus of Control * Self-Esteem: People with high self-esteem vs People with low self-esteem (refer to ppt slide) * Define: Selective Perception, Stereotype, First-impression error, and Self-fulfilling prophecy Chapter 5, “Motivation at Work” * Define: Self-interest, Stress * Know and Understand: All 5 levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Short Essay Questions Chapter 2: Alternative Work Arrangements: Advantages and Disadvantages for employees Chapter 3: Know and Understand: Internal and External Locus of Control Chapter 5: Be able to provide examples of each level

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