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This course contains an introduction to ordinary differential equations. It will cover various kinds of first order equations and then second order equations with constant coefficients. A knowledge of integration is ESSENTIAL for this course. Please look at your first year and second year notes for reference. There are 2 lectures per week: Wednesdays at 1pm in Physics Hall and Thursdays at 1pm in Hall F. The exam is 90 minutes and will take place in January. News forum 1 A few integrals for you to practice on! Integrals 2 Lecture 1: What is an ordinary differential equations and what is a solution? 3 Lecture 2: Boundary value solutions, one parameter families of curves and their representation by first order differential equations. Exercise 1 Diagrams for question 4 4 Lecture 3: First order differential equations of simple and variable separable type. 5 Lecture 4: First order homogeneous equations. 6 Lecture 5: More first order homogeneous ODEs and linear substitutions. 7 Lecture 6: Using linear substitutions to make equations either homogeneous or variable separable. An introduction to linear equations. Exercise 2. 8 Lecture 7: First order linear equations. 9 Lecture 8: Bernoulli Equations. Simple applications - Newton's laws of motion. 10 Lecture 9: Applications - Radioactive decay and Newton's law of cooling. Exercise 3 11 Lecture 10: Applications. Newton's Law of Cooling and Kirchoff's Law. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 My courses Skip block 5Biology Honours 3-BLD300 [08-09] Introduction To Immunology-BI301 [08-09] Introductory Microbiology-BI302 [08-09] Ecology-BI303 [08-09] Molecular Biology 2-BI304 [08-09] Dissertation-BI305

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