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Exam Review

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HUN 2201 Review for Exam I
Exam I will be mostly short answer and multiple choice. The short answer questions will emphasize application. There will also be some matching on this exam. There are some minor calculations so have a calculator. Remember, the exam will emphasize the online lecture material (UNITS) and readings from the textbook (CHAPTERS), as well as your practice on the portfolio items completed, thus far. 35 questions (some multiple-parts): Time limit 75 minutes This review will help you to focus on most items for this exam, but it should not be your sole study guide. Be sure to go over the lecture materials, reading quizzes, and portfolio activities completed thus far, PRIOR to taking the exam. You will not have enough time to look up each answer. Information below is organized by lecture units, not chapters in the book. Good luck☺ ☺ UNIT 1 Be prepared to define important terms such as: nutrition, food, nutrient, essential and nonessential, energy-yielding, balance, hunger, appetite, satiety, and diet. List the 6 classes of nutrients and characteristics of each. List factors affecting food intake. UNIT 2 Understand the 4 functions of the digestive system – digestion, absorption, excretion, storage. Detail the functions of the major organs and accessory organs in the digestive system. List the building blocks of each nutrient- carbs, protein, and fats. Distinguish between chemical and mechanical digestion and where these occur in the digestive process.

UNITS 3, 4, 5 For each nutrient, describe the digestion, absorption, and storage process in the body. List the energy content (calorie content) of each nutrient (carbs, protein, and fat) by gram. Describe the functions of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Be familiar with the classification of carbohydrates (simple vs complex), fat (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated) and protein (complete vs incomplete).

Provide the requirement of carbohydrates, fat, and protein and be prepared to...

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