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Review for Exam 2 (Chapters 6-9; 15) * Exam scheduled for Thursday, March 14th * You do not have to turn in this review. It is to help you prepare for the test. ___________________________________________________________________ 1. know the macronutrients 2. main provider of energy for the brain and nervous system 3. main purpose of proteins 4. vegetarians and nutrition; methods they must use 5. products high in unsaturated fats 6. how many specific vitamins your body needs 7. how MyPyramid is different; what does it look at 8. symptoms of food poisoning 9. skill-related fitness vs. health-related fitness 10. health benefits of physical activity 11. four components of training 12. ACSM recommendations for target heart rate zone 13. Pilates - what type of exercise training 14. 4 popular stretching techniques 15. what does passive stretching involve 16. dangerous type of stretching 17. benefits of resistance training 18. 3 conditions (in order) of female athlete triad 19. pound of fat or muscle = how many calories 20. most popular physical activity in North America 21. BMI range for obesity and for being overweight 22. review all about BMI; ranges, what used to calculate, healthy range, etc. 23. biggest source of empty calories 24. how to maintain healthy diet while living in dorms 25. how many pounds per week is healthy weight loss 26. eating disorders develop most often in what stage of life 27. muscle dysmorphia 28. high-risk sports for eating disorders 29. organization that sets standards for diagnosing eating disorders 30. those with eating disorders share same thought patterns as those with what? 31. eating disorder with highest death rate 32. leading cause of death in the US 33. how many chambers that heart has 34. other names for a heart attack 35. biggest uncontrollable risk factor for heart disease 36. optimal blood

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