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English Exam Essay Plans: Animal Farm Describe an interesting character Explain why you find him/her interesting What makes a character interesting? A Character who: Is different to other characters and has unusual personality traits – these might be reflected in their appearance. The decisions they make and what they do- are they involved in key events? Do their actions have a large impact on what happens? The relationships they have with other character and what the relationships reveal. A Character who changes highlight key ideas like power, animalism and inequality Highlight the writer's attitude and beliefs Is satirized and mocked by the author to allow them to expess their views. Represents or acts as a metaphor or political figure and what this reveals. Napoleon: Makes interesting decisions that influence events and show how he views the animals He changes from an animal who is part of the system of animalism to a dictation who resembles a human being (Counters the revolution) He highlights the theme of power, greed and how this corrupts and means that animalism and communism will never work. He symbolizes Stalin and the role he played in Russia so this enavles Orwell to make his ideas relevant to society Boxer He is involved in key events that show his undying loyalty to animalism, he contrasts to other animals. Physically, he is different to the other animals but the tragedy is he doesn't realise it until its too late. He works for and supports a system that ultimately destroys him. He shows the naivety and stupidity of most of the animals nd how easily they are brainwashed. This is satirized by Orwell. He acts as a metaphor for the war. Descrive an importan/dramatic event: Explain why this event is important or dramatic. An event is dramatic or important

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