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EXAM QUESTION PREP # 1 5. DISCUSS THE DEFENSE OF TRADITION IN CONSERVATIVE THOUGHT. Intro: define conservatism from lecture desire to ‘conserve’/protect something “Keep society as it is” Complex due to conflicting theories and principles thesis formed along the lines of comparing the opposing ideologies ie: liberal thoughts- counter argument: tradition is over rated and does not allow room for improvements Body: - 1: by conserving tradition, societies are able to keep things simple and improve from there instead of constantly trying new procedures and having them fail ie: tried and tested theory -2: "ordered liberty" as well as a strong belief in transcendent values that found support in such institutions as the church, the family, and the state. - 3: conservatism is the negation of ideology: it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order. Consider the following 10 elected conservative principles for more body paragraph support…. the conservative believes that there exists an enduring moral order. That order is made for man, and man is made for it: human nature is a constant, and moral truths are permanent. This word order signifies harmony. There are two aspects or types of order: the inner order of the soul, and the outer order of the commonwealth. Twenty-five centuries ago, Plato taught this doctrine, but even the educated nowadays find it difficult to understand. The problem of order has been a principal concern of conservatives ever since conservative became a term of politics. It has been said by liberal intellectuals that the conservative believes all social questions, at heart, to be questions of private morality. Properly understood, this statement is quite true. A society in which men and women are governed by belief in an enduring moral order, by a strong sense of right and wrong, by

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