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Mackenzie Crandell 3117 Union Lake Rd Denton, TX 76210-2973 January 8, 2013 IMPORTANT: Print or save this Exam Planner. It will not remain in your Message Center. Dear Mackenzie: Attached is an Exam Planner to help you keep on track in finishing your program. This is only a suggested plan to follow. You may progress faster than this plan, especially in the early lessons. That is fine. Don't let anything slow you down! If you need help with your lessons, instructors can be reached at 888-427-1000. This number can also be used to reach Student Services for help with shipments, payments or any issues you may have. Good luck with your studies. We recommend that you print or save this document for your reference. Penn Foster C20431 21799555 Page 1 of 6 Mackenzie Crandell Student No.: 21799555 Projected Completion Date: 11/14/15 PENN FOSTER HIGH SCHOOL PENN FOSTER HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION PENN FOSTER HIGH SCHOOL LEARNING STRATEGIES 050028 01/18/13 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS 986002 01/28/13 HUMAN RELATIONS HUMAN RELATIONS, PART 1 986003 02/07/13 HUMAN RELATIONS, PART 2 986004 02/17/13 HUMAN RELATIONS, PART 3 986005 02/27/13 READING SKILLS STUDY UNIT: THE PRINTED WORD 986006 03/09/13 STUDY UNIT: MAIN IDEAS 986007 03/19/13 STUDY UNIT: INTERPRETING WHAT YOU READ 986008 03/29/13 BASIC ENGLISH PUNCTUATION AND CAPITALIZATION 986009 04/08/13 NOUNS, PRONOUNS, AND ADJECTIVES 986010 04/18/13 ADVERBS AND OTHER PARTS OF SPEECH 986011 04/28/13 SENTENCES AND SPELLING 986012 05/08/13 GENERAL MATH 1 WHOLE NUMBERS 986013 05/18/13 FRACTIONS 986014 05/28/13 DECIMALS 986015 06/07/13 MEASUREMENT 986016 06/17/13 RATIO, PROPORTION, AND PERCENT 986017 06/27/13 GENERAL REVIEW 986018 07/07/13

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