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Exam 2 Review

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IT 221 Exam 2 Review
1. What process converts DNS names into IP addresses?
2. What process converts IP addresses into DNS names?
3. What kind of setup will automatically replicate dns information between AD servers? (508)
4. What domain accommodates reverse lookups? (128)
5. What allows dns replication from a primary server to a secondary server? (135)
6. What is the first record in every zone file?
7. What kind or record is an alias for another record?
8. What kind of host record does IPv6 use?
9. What kind or record identifies mail servers for a domain?
10. What is needed for a name server to resolve names for which it is not authoritative or contains no delegation for? (145)
11. What forwards queries based on domain name? (149)
12. What command line tool allows a user to do dns queries?
13. What service collects files that are shared and replicates them as needed? (594)
14. What must a GPO be linked to to deploy printers through Group Policies? (625)
15. How should printer priorities be set to take advantage of printer priorities?
16. What allows you to save counters and traces can then be used on other servers? (247)
17. What group must you be a member of to create or modify performance data consoles? (250)
18. What mode must Network Monitor run in to capture data from other users? (252)
19. What role must be added for a server to be a WSUS server? (257)
20. What can WSUS servers be synchronized with? (259)
21. What is the default replication topology used by DFS? (213)
22. Regarding giving access to users what principle should be used?
23. What will a dns server do for a brief period of time after it resolves a name?
24. What file does a dns server store root hints in? (145)
25. What allows win 2008 dns servers to begin resolving queries early in the boot process? (161)

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