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Research Question: Will samples of water obtained from drinking water points have a concentration of TDS which is suitable for drinking purposes? Aim: To determine and prove that the concentration of TDS in the drinking water samples will be suitable for drinking purposes. Hypothesis: The samples of water which were obtained from the drinking water sources will be under the threshold of 500 mg/l of TDS. Background information: Drinking water will tend to be between 25-500 mg/l of TDS concentration and the maximum concentration threshold for drinking water is 500 mg/l of TDS Dependent Variable-Quality of water sample Independent Variable – TDS concentration in water sample Controlled Variable- Temperature of the sample, Volume of the sample Materials Required: 1. Vernier Conductivity probe 2. Small plastic cup 3. Paper tissues 4. Wash bottle with distilled water (200 ml) 5. 500 mg/L of TDS standard solution 6. Logger Pro 7. Measuring cylinder Planning: To conduct this experiment I collected 2 samples of water from 2 different drinking water sources , 2 water samples from different locations of a lake and and one sample of distilled water. Method: 1. Label the drinking water samples with the numbers 1 and 5, the distilled water sample as 2 and the non drinking water samples from the lake as 3 and 4. 2. Set the selector switch on the side of the conductivity probe to the 0-2000 µS/cm range. Connect the conductivity probe to Logger Pro 3. Set up the data collection mode on Lab quest and select mode on the meter screen. After doing this the data collection mode must be changed to Selected Events. After this the select average over 10 seconds should be selected 4. Use the stored calibration on the conductivity probe and collect the TDS concentration data. 5. 100 ml of the water from the first drinking water
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